Cooperative Digital Telephony designs, installs and manages business telephone systems that...
  • fit your specific work environment
  • handle office-based, telework, and hybrid work environments
  • serve multiple receptionists and call center groups
  • provide computer and mobile device integration
  • offer full SalesForce integration
  • have attractive uncluttered desk phone screens
  • give you more choices for mobile extensions
  • can be hosted or on-premise
  • offer significant savings compared to competition
New Telephone Systems

Cooperative Digital will analyze your needs, evaluate your current telephone system, and advise you on a range of options to serve you now and into the future.

Support Services

Cooperative Digital offers flexible support services that keep your communications systems running smoothly and reliably.


Telephone systems for the new ways of working.

When someone calls your company they want to speak with a live human right now. Getting them to the correct person quickly is good customer service and good for your reputation.

Your people are everywhere. In the office. Working from home. On the road. Walking between work areas. Imagine a business telephone system that is not bounded by office walls or device types, that directs calls to your team members wherever they are, easily and quickly.

Envision a seamless mix of desk phones, PC-based phones, and mobile-based phones. Envision complete resilience from power and broadband outages.

Telephone systems designed by Cooperative Digital can do all that, and more.

New Telephone Systems

Infinity 5000 Series from E-MetroTel

Platforms and options multiply, but the core task remains: to provide better realtime communication between people. Over the past 25 years we have consistently chosen the best platforms for the job: Ericsson, NorTel, Panasonic, and now E-MetroTel. Your choice of Cloud-based (on E-MetroTel servers), Virtual (on your server), and On-Site PBX (separate hardware on your rack).

  • Conventional office, hybrid office, and virtual office
  • Telework employees are fully integrated
  • Multiple locations in one unified whole
  • Call centers with optional statistical reports
  • SalesForce and other application integrations
  • Political campaign systems with zero hardware cost
  • Options for cost savings up to 60% below competing systems
  • Deskphones connect via Ethernet or WiFi
  • Softphone for Windows, Mac, Linux, IoS, Android
  • OutRoute for mobiles: fast, cheap, good, and no app needed
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Custom design: we make it work your way
  • Scalable from five telephones to thousands
  • Total resilience against power and broadband outages
EMT Soft Phones

InfinityOne Full Featured Softphone

Softphone voice on the InfinityOne application. InfinityOne voice is full featured and provides an alternative to desktop devices for mobile, remote, or work at home employees. All of the features available on our desktop phones are available on the softphone.

Support Services

  • Choice of fixed service contract pricing or per-occurrence service pricing
  • Obsolete Avaya, NorTel, and Panasonic telephone systems can be revitalised
  • New back-end technology can keep your existing telephones and save substantial costs
  • Moves and changes that previously took days or weeks, are completed same-day or overnight
  • Cost of outside lines is reduced significantly in the process
  • Reliability of system and service is improved
  • New features enable your existing telephones to keep up with your current needs
  • Migration to new technologies can occur at your pace

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