Panasonic KX-TCA85 series Cordless Phones
Panasonic KX-TCA85 series Cordless Phones with Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology
Panasonic multi-cell DECT is the answer for in-building mobility. Cellular technology provides a blanket of continuous coverage throughout an indoor environment of any size, and within a few hundred feet outdoors.

Choose from three handsets: standard, slim & light, and rugged. Base stations are plugged into desk phone jacks, or mounted on the wall (such as in hallways), to create overlapping zones for seamless communication.

Panasonic's focus on high-quality audio includes adjustable receiver volume and selectable noise reduction. Speakerphone, wired headset, and Bluetooth headset options provide hands-free conversation.

Hands-free functions are full-duplex speakerphone and wired headset jack.

Slim and Light

Hands-free functions are conventional speakerphone, wired headset jack, and Bluetooth headset.


Hands-free functions are conventional speakerphone, and Bluetooth headset.

Recommended for environments where users are frequently on their feet and moving around, such as:
  • Medical assistants
  • Working scientists with more than one lab
  • Sales personnel in showroom environments
  • Managers who frequently move about an office or plant
  • Warehouse and other logistics workers
  • Security guards who have patrol duties
  • Maintenance workers who can be anywhere in a building
IP Cell Station
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